For Educators

Resources For Educators

The Indiana soybean checkoff is proud to offer a number of educational resources for educators to utilize in the classroom or ag events. Visit the Glass Barn website to download materials or order our Barnyard Chronicles children’s books and crayons. All materials are free to farmers and educators.

What Your Support Means

By joining our Corporate Partner Program, you are helping a collaborative effort to promise the longevity of Indiana’s leading soybean industry.

Funds provided by our Corporate partners are to be credited for the development of policy issues impacting the corn and soybean industries, such as trade agreements, farm programs, disaster relief, energy independence, research programs, tax issues, and government regulations.

Furthermore, our Corporate Partner Program provides the ability  for an ongoing presence at the county courthouse, Indiana General Assembly, Washington D.C. (Congress) and international meetings ensuring agriculture’s best interests are represented at each level.

No checkoff dollars were used in the funding of this piece.

Looking for more?

You can find additional educational materials from Indiana’s Family of Farmers.