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Your phone and nutrient management?

Indiana Soybean Alliance is keeping our farmers and their soybeans viable today, and for years to come. Check out all of the resources we have available for you below.

What’s the checkoff benefit? The Indiana soybean checkoff’s purpose is to fund research, promotion and educational programs that enhance soybean production and use and distribute industry information through many program areas. For additional resources related to each initiative, click the links below.

The Indiana soybean checkoff contributes to educational programs and initiatives that help grow opportunities for your bean. For instance, growers and consultants around the world have been using the Corn and Soybean Field Guide for more than 20 years.

This guide is now available as a comprehensive, practical app that can be downloaded on your iPad and can help you maximize your soybean production.

The Corn and Soybean Field Guide app includes information about:

  • Soybean and corn management
  • Weeds
  • Soils and fertility
  • Calibration
  • Calculation
  • Sample submission

This $12.99 value is free to Indiana farmers. Sign up today and take advantage of other exclusive offers like this.

A tool to keep you efficient and profitable

When selling soybeans, farmers must consider not only the price of soybeans, but also the transportation costs associated with getting their crop from the field to the elevator or first purchaser.

The Soy Transportation Coalition offers a simple tool for determining the economic impact of transporting soybeans to various locations. Use this tool to help determine your most efficient, profitable transportation option.

INfield Advantage: Your Farm, Your Future

INfield Advantage, formerly known as Indiana’s On-Farm Network, is a proactive, collaborative opportunity for farmers to collect and understand personalized, on-farm data to optimize their management practices to, ultimately, improve their bottom line and benefit the environment.

Currently, there are 35 farmer groups that participate in INfield Advantage. These 35 groups are made up of 403 farmers, 1,015 fields and 72,000 acres.

INfield Advantage is brought to you by: Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services, Purdue Extension and the Indiana Conservation Partnership.

Impact Indiana: Nutrient Management and Soil Health Strategy

The Indiana Nutrient Management and Soil Health (NMSH) strategy was created to improve education and awareness of best management practices. Because farmers are in the best position to determine the practices that are most productive on their own farms to achieve reductions in nutrient loss, the NMSH strategy will increase on-farm awareness, which will lead to improved nutrient management, soil health and, ultimately, Indiana’s water quality.

This comprehensive strategy will stretch across multiple years with three main goals:

  • Increase awareness among farmers that nutrient loss from soil to water is an issue and can be managed at the farm level
  • Empower farmers to review and adopt new best management practices
  • Keep best management practices in the hands of farmers

Representing key organizations in the private and public sectors, this collaborative effort showcases the desire of farmers to address concerns in a way that make sense and positions Indiana as a leader in resource management.