Grain Marketing, Handling, Transporting and Processing


Where do soybeans go after they’ve been harvested? Indiana soybean farmers have options — such as on-farm storage, county elevator, container yard, barge terminal, biofuel processing plants, shuttle elevator … the list goes on. This makes the need for reliable rural infrastructure, grain marketing, and methods of transportation central to the success of soybean farmers in our state.

Indiana is considered America’s crossroads. That means our state experiences an enormous amount of cross-continental agriculture-related transportation, and so a  solid infrastructure is critical to the economic vitality of our state.

With our highways, railroads and waterways, Indiana is positioned to be a leader in delivering soybeans and soy products to customers within state borders, throughout the country and across the world.

What’s the benefit? Ensuring those markets — both domestic and international — remain viable is the focus of the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) Grain Marketing initiative.

From working to identify value-added opportunities and resources for Indiana soybean farmers to funding research that addresses the importance of transportation infrastructure to agriculture, ISA is committed to keeping Indiana’s soybean industry viable.

What’s available to you? Many agribusiness organizations offer premium programs to farmers throughout the year. You can learn what programs are currently available on our Premiums page

To help ensure Indiana’s rural roads and bridges remain viable, ISA invests checkoff dollars in infrastructure research, as well as a new partnership with the Soy Transportation Coalition and Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program at Purdue University to offer affordable technical assistance to county highway departments for load testing of rural bridges.

Read the full study published by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute to learn more about how ISA is investing checkoff dollars in the future of Indiana infrastructure for our soybean growers.

Check out all of our research projects and learn more about how you can UpKeep, UpGrade and UpVest in Indiana’s rural infrastructure.

Additional Resources

Agricultural Transportation Coalition (AgTC): The AgTC works to achieve Shipping Act reform to allow U.S. ag exporters to be more competitive in the international market. It monitors government and commercial activity on ocean shipping and lobbies Congress when necessary to change laws that would harm agriculture interests or to support laws that will benefit agriculture.

Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI): The WCI is a national public policy organization that advocates for a properly funded and well-maintained system of inland waterways and ports. It seeks to educate decision-makers in the states and federal government, the news media and the general public about the critical importance of our nation’s inland waterways and the need to sustain and increase their reliability now and in the future.