Environmental Programs


The environment is a farmer’s most precious resource. Indiana soybean farmers understand the importance of preserving their land, not only to maximize yields today, but also to ensure the longevity of tomorrow’s farmers.

What’s the benefit? ISA helps to sustain cropland by investing soybean checkoff dollars to leverage public and private resources used to assist farmers in agribusiness and environmental programs. These funds are also used to increase public and political understanding of complex environmental issues around soybean production in hopes to develop workable solutions.

In addition to the environmental impact of our farmers, ISA also studies the effects of the most important end uses of soybeans, including livestock, biofuels and aquaculture.

Small changes today to impact tomorrow

ISA is empowering farmers through the Nutrient Management and Soil Health (NMSH) strategy to review and adopt best management practices to increase awareness that nutrient loss from soil to water is an issue and can be managed at the farm level. Learn more about how you can make small changes today to impact tomorrow.