How To Partner With Indiana Soybean

Corporate Partner Program

Partnerships can help grow your company’s brand


If you’re looking to create solid relationships with decision makers in our country’s leading agricultural organizations, we can help!

The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) offers a Corporate Partner Program that provides your business with co-branding opportunities with some of the most respected organizations, not only within the agricultural industry, but around world.

Corporate partners benefit from interacting with our farmer leaders and elected officials, as well as gain visibility in our publication, on our website and promotional visibility in marketing, plus meeting opportunities and invitations to ISA events.

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can be part of this collaborative partnership with the ISA.

What does your support mean?

The Corporate Partner Program helps ISA provide funding for policy and advocacy efforts enhancing the economic viability of Indiana soybean farmers, and the industry partners who depend on a steady supply of corn and soybeans.

Corporate partners directly support the development of policy positions on critical issues affecting the corn and soybean industry including trade agreements, farm programs, disaster relief, energy independence, research programs, federal state and local tax issues and government regulations.

Corporate partners also help ensure ISA can be an ongoing presence at the county courthouse, Indiana General Assembly, Washington D.C. and international meetings ensuring agriculture’s interests are represented.