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During your visit to the Glass Barn, you will see several faces throughout the building!  Let us Introduce you to our featured families.

Steinkamp Family, Steinkamp Farms, Evansville, IN

Grows soybeans, corn and wheat on his 2,000 acre farm.

Fun Farm Fact: All of Joe's corn goes into making tortilla chips.


Kelsay Family, Kelsay Farms, Whiteland, IN

Raises 500 dairy cows and grows corn, soybean, hay and wheat.

Fun Farm Fact: Each of the Kelsay cows can give enough milk to fill 128 glasses each day!


Hill Family, Hill Farms, Greenfield, IN

Raises farrow to finish pigs and grows soybean, corn and wheat.

Fun Farm Fact: The Hill's pork is sold at local farmer's markets as well as grocery stores under a nationally known label. Same delicious pork.

Tuholski Family, Tuholski Farms, Mill Creek, IN

Raises soybeans, corn, seed corn, popcorn, alfalfa, and wheat. They also raise feeder steers and 500 dairy heifers.

Fun Farm Fact: Joe’s grandfather bought the farm from Peter Scholl – the founder of Dr. Scholl’s Footwear - in 1961.


Gillis Family, Gillis Farms, Dunkirk, IN

Raises soybeans and corn.

Fun Farm Fact: Nearly 107 million soy crayons can be manufactured from the acres of soybeans at Gillis Farms.

Come visit the Glass Barn Aug 1 - 17  to learn more about these families and what they do each day.

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